Search Engine Optimisation

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

SEO is a process of optimising your website where search engines can rank your website higher on the basis of your website’s quality, contents, usability and much more. To explain in more detail, while searching products or services through search engines, the search engines will be comparing millions of websites across internet against your website who provides similar products or services. If your website is built with poor quality or missing important aspects that helps in higher ranking then there are chances to list yourself at bottom of the search results against others.

Organic SEO

This is more preferred method of creating an optimisation of a website to bring it on top of the list in search engine websites. Typically, any search engine will try to show best possible search results for their consumers. To find best suitable match, the search engines would look for various details within the matching websites. e.g. uniqueness in products and services, error free websites with appropriate contents and keywords, easy to use and tailored and targeted to specific audiences. There are no fix rules but there are some guidelines. And also, it’s not a quick minute job. Performing organic SEO techniques for any website requires analysing their business goals, their past historical performances, market competitors and many more things. After analysing, it requires strategic changes into their websites, contents, outlook of their presentation to market. This indeed requires some time to build all but it’s positive results will last long in search engine results.

Paid Advertising

An alternative method that instantaneously picks up the websites listing on top of searches. If you don’t wish to wait while building an organic SEO, you have another option to instantly push yourself on top of searches using paid advertising on search engines. This is very useful when you have setup some additional budget to quickly pickup in market and start showing up your brand and products up in the market. Although Its always a good idea to work side by side on building up an organic SEO while we work on paid advertising. Selecting this option will quickly get you some viewers through search engines so you don’t have to wait for your brand to build-up and being visible in customer’s eyes.

Today it’s not about ‘get the traffic’ — it’s about get the targeted and relevant traffic