Web Development

What is responsive website?

The old days websites used to be designed for computers only. But responsive websites are further advanced versions that are designed to work on mobile devices and computer devices e.g. smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops etc. All our websites are designed to work on all devices including computer systems and mobile devices and tablets. Since our aim is to provide quality and advanced technology website solutions, we don’t just build simple websites but we look for current market trend, technology advancements and we try to fit our customer website solutions using latest technologies that will work on all mobile devices.

We provide website development using specific applications (or we call it programming languages) that includes .Net, PHP and SharePoint. These are usually required when our clients have technology restrictions or their business are already using these technologies. To enhance these businesses functionalities using the same technologies and to integrate their systems with the new websites we offer web development using these technologies.

Web Applications Development

We provide E-Commerce solutions that includes online Payment Processing or Payment Gateways, online selling system, B2B (Business to Business services), B2C (Business to Customer selling/payments), online products listing including inventory management and online ordering system. Our biggest proud in building these systems is: our online shopping cart systems are built with extreme online security that will protect our client businesses and their customers. Apart from the security measurements we also take care of good looks of websites to attract the market.

E-Commerce Development

One of the key aspects of having a blogger or forums websites is freedom to manage user permissions and contributor’s contents. If you are an author or passionate about contributing to community, you have come to right place to build your blogging website. Our build blogging websites will help you having complete control to manage your contents. Also, our built forum websites will give you freedom to detail manage various level of contributors with various level of permissions, different level of contributors. Contact us for more details on how we can help you creating exclusive blogs or forums websites that are flexible to your needs and gives you freedom to detail manage them.

Blogs and Forums Development

CMS or Content Management Systems usually refers to online websites that allow the website owners to manage the website contents by themselves e.g. pictures, text contents, menus and pages and a lot more. If you are running a business that requires frequent updates on your websites e.g. online promotions, constant changing of products, lot of new arrival products or just the content itself. Our CMS websites are built in a way that will allow any user to easily manage the contents on day to day basis regardless of their level of technical knowledge. We also provide our clients who are non-technical with handy documentations on how to manage contents in easiest way.

Content Management System Development

Regardless your website is built by us or someone else, if you are looking for any solutions for your existing website, we have experts who look after maintaining websites upgrade or maintenance. We provide services such as website re-branding, upgrading the outdated technology, adding or removing features to existing websites or managing website contents on day to day basis or periodic basis.

Website Upgrade and Maintenance

There are three responses to a website design – yes, no, and WOW!
Wow is the one that we aim for